Waking Up to the Earth: A Poetry Reading and Reflection

Date: 05/06/2021
Time: 5:30 pm-6:30 pm

Join Margaret Gibson, Connecticut Poet Laureate and editor of the recently-released anthology Waking Up to the Earth — Connecticut Poets in a Time of Global Climate Crisis, for a poetry reading and reflection by ten of the 63 poets with poems in the anthology, including Norfolk’s own Susannah Wood. 

The scope of the poems goes far beyond Connecticut to the whole ecosystem we humans share. As quoted in a book review in The Day , Gibson describes the book: “Climate crisis IS human crisis. Waking Up to the Earth offers poems by poets who are paying attention, finding connection, and warning of the danger. And any anthology is a collection of individual and varied voices. In Waking Up to the Earth, there are voices that praise, raise questions, grieve, warn … There are humorous voices as well.” 

“It’s hard to believe that the poems in this essential collection all come out of a single small state. But make no mistake; these are not poems about Connecticut. They are poems about the world—our one and only world—and the damage we inflict upon it. Ranging from expressions of profound love for and intimacy with the earth and its many creatures to grief and rage at our species’ self-destructive blindness, each poem is a testament to our planet’s preciousness and a grave warning of its fragility. Waking Up to the Earth is a resounding wake-up call.”
—Chase Twichell, author of Things As It Is and Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been

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