The Library offers two computer workstations for patron use in our Reference Room, each of which may be reserved for 30-minute intervals. These computers are intended for informational and educational use. For recreational use, please visit Front Desk Circulation to request one of our mobile devices, which includes two laptops for in-house use and one MacBook. We also have one laptop that can be checked out for three days (driver’s license, Norfolk Library card, and signed user agreement required). Microsoft Office is available on all the computers. 

Any individual using the Norfolk Library’s computer workstations or mobile devices must sign a Library Computer Usage and Internet Safety Policy.  Anyone using a computer in the Library is required to act in a manner consistent with the Library’s Computer Usage and Internet Safety Policy.

Responsible Network Usage

  • Observing time and space limits (i.e., 30-minute sessions and maximum of 2 people per workstation)
  • Refraining from disruptive sounds and visuals
  • Using discretion for certain media in a public space
  • Respecting other’s privacy
  • Exercising caution with sharing personal information
  • Accepting personal risk for Internet use
  • Protecting copyrighted materials
  • Paying a 15 cents per page printing fee at time of printing
  • Supervising and monitoring children’s computer use by parents or caregivers. See Internet Safety Policy for Children and Teens.

Inappropriate Network Usage

  • Disrupting network services or equipment
  • Changing network or computer settings
  • Accessing restricted data, including so-called “hacking”
  • Harassing of other users or violating their privacy
  • Libeling, slandering, or maliciously offending other users
  • Violating software licensing agreements. Patrons may not use their own software on Library computers or mobile devices
  • Overusing system resources such as bandwidth
  • Damaging equipment, software, or data belonging to the Library or other users
  • Accessing, viewing, or disseminating child pornography

In compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) [Pub. L. 106-554 and 47 USC 254(h)], the Library filters Internet data on all its computers and mobile devices, and all access to the Internet through its network to protect against access to obscene visual depictions, child pornography, and/or other material harmful to minors, as required by law.

There is unlimited, free Internet access from all computers. We also offer four mobile hotspots that may be checked out for up to two weeks (driver’s license, Norfolk Library card, and signed user agreement required).

The Library’s WIFI extends to the Children’s Terrace, parking lot, and outdoor seating areas.

Please visit our Technology page for more information about our circulating devices, including laptops and iPads.