The Norfolk Library Associates is a support organization for the Library. In many libraries the organization would be known as Friends of the Library, but since its inception in 1974 by a small group of civic-minded Norfolk women, who felt strongly that the Library could be a more vital part of the community by adding to its services, it has always been known in Norfolk by the aforementioned name.

In the early years, the Associates funded and organized exhibits to showcase local artists, and later introduced musical concerts.

Over the years the organization has become an integral part of the Norfolk Library, with a wide membership of both men and women from Norfolk and the surrounding towns.

Currently, most of the programs and events at the Library are funded by monies generated through the leadership and enthusiasm of the Associates. These include art exhibits, adult and children’s musical and literary programs, the library newsletter, additions to the audio-visual inventory of the library, and other events or purchases not covered by the Library’s annual budget.

Membership in the Library Associates is open to any person who wishes to contribute to ensure that the cultural and artistic events continue to be a vital part of the Norfolk Library.

A monthly meeting of the Associates is usually held at noon on the first Tuesday of the month. This is an open meeting, which anyone may attend.

The current Co-Presidents are Louise Davis and Galene Kessin.
The Library Associates is a 501 C (3) non-profit organization.

Apply to be a Norfolk Library Associate here.

Norfolk Library Associates Brochure