What is a Seed Library?

A seed library is a way of collecting and sharing seeds to encourage biodiversity and to produce local plants and produce. We now have a card catalog that is full of seeds, which you can check out and plant at home. There are many varieties of flower, herb, fruit and vegetable seeds. As more seeds are donated, our collection will continue to grow. We encourage you to learn basic seed-saving techniques so that you can return seeds, allowing us to create a self-sustaining seed library.

Our inaugural Seed Library is made possible by the generous donations of seed packets from UConn Extension in Litchfield. Stop by to see what’s in stock!

How does it work?

  • Select seed packets from our collection.
  • “Check out” the seeds with your library card.
  • Plant your seeds and watch them grow.
  • Once grown, harvest the seeds from your garden (if you wish) and return them to the Library to share with others.
  • All seeds are donated, so quantities are limited. Please take only what you will use.

Resources to learn more:

Saving Seeds: The Gardener’s Guide to Growing and Storing Vegetable and Flower Seeds by Marc Rogers
The Complete Guide to Saving Seeds by Robert Gough
• Documentary Film: Seed: the Untold Story