Possessing an understanding of foreign languages is essential in today’s globalized world. Even learning basic terms such as “Hello” and “Thank you” in another language helps.

ABC LingoLITE is an image- and video-based foreign language learning tool for 260 of the most basic words and terms in 30 languages. ABC LingoLITE uses Associative Multimedia Learning, to help the user associate an image with the correct foreign word without first translating it into
their native language.

• Provides an intensive foreign language vocabulary building tool to support classroom and textbook learning.
• Enables users to hear and see words spoken. Seeing lips move is an essential part of learning how to pronounce a word.
• Supports non-English speakers with 30 different language interfaces.
• Helps pleasure and business travelers learn basic words and terms quickly.
• Supports students preparing for study abroad programs.

Access Lingo Lite HERE.