Who are the Board of Trustees ?

The Board of Library Trustees consists of nine community members elected by the Board to serve one or two terms of three years each. The Board meets bi-monthly throughout the year.

What functions does the Board perform ?

The Board of Trustees is responsible for hiring the Director and works with the Director in establishing library policies, creating a budget, and providing guidance to the staff.  The Board oversees management of the library endowment.

How do I contact members of the Board of Trustees?

The Library Director will supply contact information for the Library Trustees upon request.

2022-2023 Board of Trustees

Rita Freedman, President

Michael Selleck, Vice-President

Coleen Hellerman, Treasurer

Tom Hlas, Assistant Treasurer

Susannah Wood, Secretary

Stephen Fenichell

Ruth Melville

Valerie Nelson

Janice Nimura