Exciting Discoveries in Art History: a Virtual Presentation by Mallory Mortillaro

Date: 03/27/2023
Time: 7:00 pm-8:00 pm

Who doesn’t love learning about a priceless painting found in an attic? Or a sculpture sitting for decades in a public garden, only to be found out as a Renaissance treasurer? After finding herself in the middle of her own art history discovery when she uncovered the provenance of a Rodin sculpture sitting in New Jersey town hall, Mallory Mortillaro learned just how many times this has happened before. Her lecture explores the stories of ten different important and valuable works of art that had been rediscovered in unexpected places. The program explores a brief background of each piece, artist, and how the piece got to be lost, and then found. Mallory joined us last year to talk about her lost Rodin, and we’re excited to have her back for another fascinating look at the the history of art.
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Mallory Mortillaro is an art historian and educator.  She has ten years of teaching experience, and has worked on various art research projects for museums and organizations in the New York metropolitan area.

Mallory Mortillaro, curator of collections for the Hartley Dodge Foundation, is a Drew University graduate who identified and tracked down the provenance for Auguste Rodin’s 1910 marble sculpture Napoleon Enveloppe Dans Son Reve. The piece has been displayed in the Hartley Dodge Memorial for 75 years, but the sculptor was never identified.