Contemporary German Film Series with Diego Ongaro

Date: 03/30/2023
Time: 7:00 pm-9:00 pm

The Berlin School is a German film movement that started in the mid 90s, creating radically new images of German society. With directors coming from different horizons, their films can be seen as documents of a society in transition where lives had to be redefined after the fall of the Wall. Their more restrained approach to characters, places and moods alone made them stand out from the staidly conventional German films of the turn of the century. They reflect an unconscious insecurity, the feeling that history is going down a different road, but one in which people do not know what role they are going to play. Director Diego Ongaro will introduce and discuss three powerful and unique films that recently sprouted from that movement: Toni Erdman (2016), Western (2017), and Great Freedom (2021).

GREAT FREEDOM – Directed by Sebastian Meise / 2021 / 116mn
Unearthing heartrending chapters of queer history in postwar Germany, Sebastian Meise’s moving drama harnesses the healing power of intimacy that blooms in defiance of systematic oppression. Franz Rogowski mesmerizes with a powerhouse performance in this absorbing tale of resilience and resistance.
Mature audience 



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