ASL Basics for Beginners (4-week course)

Date: 10/05/2022
Time: 6:00 pm-6:45 pm

SIGNING Basics®, LLC is coming to the Norfolk Library via Virtual Zoom classes!  A live sign language instructor will teach you how to sign basic phrases such as, “Hello, I name_ (Fingerspell) _ I” to introduce yourself; and, “You Name What?” to ask for another person’s name.  In addition, you will learn new vocabulary at each session to increase your signing skills.

Your virtual sign language class will include:

  • ASL Manual Alphabet 
  • Greetings
  • Days of the Week 
  • Foods and Snacks 
  • ASL Negations and Affirmations
  • Learn how to form basic ASL Sentence Structure that brings together the signs you learn during the class.

This course meets on October 5, 12, 19, and 26 and is taught in 45 Minutes Virtual Zoom sessions with a live ASL Instructor. Class is taught without sound.  Class handouts with supporting videos of instructors signing the vocabulary you learn during class are included. A recurring Zoom link shall be sent to you on the first day of class.

Please note, you are expected to attend all four sessions.  In addition, we request that all participants join the course with cameras on.  ASL is a visual language and teachers must see the students and vice versa.

Space is limited to the first 20 registrants.



Registration is closed for this event.