An Introduction to Blackletter Calligraphy with Debby Reelitz

Date: 01/30/2021
Time: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm












A collaboration of the Norfolk Library and Scoville Memorial Library

Learn Blackletter Calligraphy which is also known as the Gothic style. It is a classic, dramatic, lettering style and a great way to introduce yourself to the broad edge nib. Calligrapher, Debby Reelitz, will guide you through the basics to create your own dramatic Gothic letters. 

*Limit: 20 participants

*Materials cost is $16 per participant.

*Materials fee includes: $10 for a 6.0 mm Parallel Calligraphy Pen that will be kept by the participant; $6 for the handouts to be used during class

*If you already have a 6.0mm Parallel Pen, the materials fee is only $6—please be sure you have  the correct size and brand of pen. It is the same pen we used for the Uncial Calligraphy Class in 2019

*Cash or check payable to Scoville Memorial Library upon pick-up of the materials which will be available starting January 7th. Please call for a pick-up delivered to the library steps.

Materials can also be picked up at the Norfolk Library.

Please note: You will not be considered officially registered until you have  paid the materials fee and preferably acquired the materials.

This class is now full.