Winter Wonder-Lanterns

Date: 12/21/2020
Time: 4:00 pm-5:00 pm

Transform an ordinary glass jar into a glowing artwork to light up your nights. Begin by contemplating your experience of the season through your senses – what does it look, feel, and sound like? Next, play with pattern, shape, and color to collage a design that illuminates your impressions. Plan to share your luminary with the Library to light up our Children’s Room windows for the Winter Solstice on December 21! For children in grades K-6.

Participants provide: 1-2 clean glass jar(s) with label removed (pasta sauce size preferred); scissors, glue, paint brush, pen and/or pencil, and a few pieces of colorful scrap paper and/or tissue papers.

Additional materials will need to be picked up at the Library prior to the workshop. The packet will include: LED candle, recycled metallic material, black silhouette paper, lightweight cardboard, and a tissue paper sized for jar. You many also choose 1-2 discarded library books or magazines from a bin in the library to use in your project.

**Participants must register by Tuesday, December 9, in order to receive the packet of additional materials, but you may also provide your own. Packets can be picked up at the Library on Friday, December 11, or thereafter. The Zoom link will be sent the day before the program.




Registration is closed for this event.