Learn to Play the Harmonica: 6-Week Zoom Series for Adults

Date: 03/10/2021
Time: 7:00 pm-8:30 pm

Learn to play the harmonica with lifelong musician and teacher Stu Sternbach. Aspiring students will learn how to play this fun instrument that fits conveniently in your pocket. No matter your musical ability or experience, you’ll learn enough harmonica skills to sit in with a band, play around a campfire, or entertain your guests for years to come. All participants will receive one Hohner Special 20 Key of C Progressive Harmonica, which must be picked up at the Norfolk Library by 5:00pm, Tuesday, March 9th. Classes meet virtually by Zoom from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, beginning March 10 and continuing through April 14.

Stu Sternbach plays the clarinet, saxophone, guitar, piano, as well as the harmonica. He has been teaching harmonica at Mercer County Community College and the Princeton Adult School for several years, and his class has been sold out since its inception.

**Series is limited to 6 participants (ages 18 & up), so please register early! You will receive the Zoom link before the series begins.**


  • Session I
  • How to hold instrument and play single notes             
  • Play single note exercises
  • The Major Scale
  • Play a simple song using singles notes
  • Reading the musical notes and numbers   
  • Session II 
  • Reading and play the notes on the staff – Part II
  • Techniques on how to play passages and practice
  • Using the major scale 
  • Chords
  • Demonstrate how to play 3 notes at once
  • Popular Song Introduction
  • Session III
  • Patterns of Chords
  • Breaking down the Piano Man intro
  • The Bend
  • How to use tongue and mouth to bend notes
  • Solos from various songs and selection of solos for each student
  • Session IV
  • Performance Preparation – playing for others
  • More Songs and Review
  • How to listen, site read and play popular songs
  • Session V
  • Intro to blues – 12 bar blues progression
  • Performance Review
  • Blues Jam with Piano Accompanist
  • Performance Review
  • Session VI
  • Live Performance

During each session a new song or two will be introduced, along with a backing track that Stu has prepared especially for Beginners. By the end of sessions students should feel comfortable playing songs along with a backing tracks or a band. They will be more confident in their playing and have learned some basic music theory. Additionally, students will feel comfortable playing improvised solos.


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